The /delta endpoint returns only events that have changed since the last request, specified by the delta_last_id value contained in any /events request.

The delta_last_id should be passed to the /delta request as the last_id parameter. A sport_id may be optionally used to filter the delta response.

Specifying optional include values may be used to get lines for all markets (instead of just full-game by default) in addition to scores or the team names from specific sportsbooks. To request multiple, simply add multiple values and duplicate the include= parameter in the request like so: &include=all_periods&include=scores.

When include=all_periods is used, the key for the lines changes from lines to line_periods.

A 400 will be returned if too many events have been updated since the last request. If this happens, you should use any of the events endpoints (events by sport by date) to retrieve a full snapshot of the events before using the delta endpoint again with the updated last_id.

Any value of 0.0001 represents the value NotPublished. This means that the sportsbook currently has not published a price or odds for this wager, or that the line was removed.


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